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The Po Delta: Unesco Mankind Heritage site and bird watching capital city

The Regional Po Delta Park in Emilia Romagna spreads in the provinces of Ferrara and Ravenna, over an area of more than 58,000 hectares and it is run by the consortium Parco del Delta whose head office is in Comacchio.

Its uncontaminated environment and its characteristic marshes are an ideal habitat for fish and aquatic birds.
The Delta area is very appreciated by birdwatchers and by people loving holidays in contact with nature.

Here birdwatchers equipped only with mere binoculars can have fun observing many species of birds from coots to wild ducks, from herons to black-winged stilts.

The International Po Delta Birdwatching Fair takes place every year in Comacchio sand it is among the most important fairs concerning environmental and birdwatching tourism in Italy.
The Po Delta Park is a precious chest of pinewood, huge woods, marshes and it is the ideal habitat for 300 different species of birds.

For its wonderful landscapes and its exceptional natural ecosystem, the Po Delta Park was declared Unesco Mankind Heritage site.

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       The Po Delta: between land and sea


The Po Delta is a testament to how Nature models the countryside.
The constant accumulation of silt that is continually moving the barrier between the land and the water towards the East, has always proved a challenge to man, who has tried to establish his settlements along the Delta.

Evidence of the first works of land reclamation date back to the IV century and the Etruschi of Spina.
They were works destined to improve the commercial shipping and the production of salt. The Romans then developed the roadways, pisciculture and the brick production.

It was only after the Italian Unification that the work to reclaim land became more intense, leaving what today are large areas of Natural environment rich with flora and fauna.

Following this is was the Benedictine monks of Pomposa who took over the land reclamation process. Frequent floods, to a certain extent, ruined these works apart from those carried out bt Duke Alfonso II of the Estensi family in the XVI Century and the brief Napoleonic period when the works were concentrated on the centre of Commacchio and many important monuments of the 1600-1700 period.


       The Po Delta magical atmospheres


The Po Delta is a mosaic of marshes and woods, full of interesting fauna, especially birds. The delta lies on the main migrating roots between the North of Europe and the African and Southern European winter roosts.

The international importance of the Delta has been recognised by the Ramsar Convention. Many species of birds can be found there; tufted ducks, red herons, coral gulls, seapeckers, plovers, bitterns, egrets, scoopers, fishpeckers, grey herons, herons, kingfishers, reed martins, buntings and many others. Amongst the water life there are carp, tench, barbel, pike eels and many other species.

But it is the march atmostphere that makes this area magical with towers rising out of the flat landscape and the feeling of Nature at its wildest in contact with man.

The Great forest of Mesola dates back to Medieval times and at a certain point it covers the highest dunes with domestic pine whereas on the plains there main species of trees are Oak, Poplar and Ash.
Immersed among the rushes there are waterlilies, nenùfaro, water tails, bladderwort, flowering rush and yellow lily which surround the rarer examples of waterlily and water gentian.



       Discovering the Po Delta


The Po Delta can be explored on foot, on bike, on horseback, or by boat. Trails that run through the wooda and along the dams are ideal for who wishes to observe and breath the magical atmostphere.

The sudden flight of a heron, the flight of a flock of birds over the water surface, the sensation of water and plantlife living as one are aspects that make this place special to Nature lovers and those seeking peace and quiet.

You can also explore the architectural and historical features of the area such as the Castle of Mesola, the Pomposa Abbey, the Gorino lighthouse and the Abate Tower or the historical centre of Commachio with its bridges and canals and visit the Fortuna Maris, the Roman ship found in the local lagoons, shown in all its glory in the Palazzo del Vescovo.

A walk or a bike-ride can be ended with a stop in one of the many restaurants of the area. Small trattorias, inns and famous restaurants, each with their own features, offer local dishes especially sea food; fish and shellfish, oysters, eel, clams, mussels, sole and many other fish dishes.

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