The Delta by bike

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The Po Delta by bike

Routes for cyclists who want to discover the Lidi di Comacchio

An original and amusing way to discover the Lidi di Comacchio is to travel by bike. The cyclotouristic route that we suggest covers 30 km and can be customized to meet everybody’s requirements.

You can leave from the southern point of Lido di Spina; you travel (northward) towards the street that goes along the beach and cross the bridge over the Logonovo Channel to get to Lido degli Estensi.
You cycle till the end of the street and you cross the channel by the ferry boat to reach Porto Garibaldi.
In Porto Garibaldi you can wait for the arrival of the fishing ships at the harbor and watch the unloading of fresh fish.

Continuing your journey towards Volano, northward on the straight of the panoramic street Acciaioli (18 km), along the route, you can look at the thrilling landscape that the Delta Park, with its changing of colours and tints, will offer to you; more than 6 km of wide lawns, pine-wood and dunes will lead you to Lido di Pomposa.

You can continue towards Lido delle Nazioni, where, running along the Nazioni Lake (nowadays used for aquatic sports), there is a stud-farm of white horses of the Delta that can be mounted for a spectacular ride inside the oasis. Valle Bertuzzi, a great marsh, is to be visited. In the afternoon, it offers suggestive views, when the sunlight brings out the colours of water, sand and vegetation, making thrilling reflections and where it is not uncommon to see herons and pink flamingoes.

Routes and locations not to be missed

Finally, you can reach Lido di Volano, the most northern of the Lidi Ferraresi. It is surrounded by the beautiful pinewood, which you can cross by bike, following a path that allows nature lovers to plunge into the stillness of its rich vegetation and to observe its fauna.