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water park with slides and children’s galleon

At Holiday Park Spiaggia e Mare a real aqua park for children but not only for them that will greatly increase the surface pools area.

In the water park, there is an oval pool 10 cm deep with water dedicated to babies from zero to 5 years. There is also be a large water game, a pirate ship with slides and water jets. For young children and teenagers there are higher slides, up to almost 10 meters high that end in a deeper pool suitable for older kids.

The entrance to the water park is open to guests at Holiday Park Spiaggia e Mare provided with identification bracelet that must be purchased on arrival for a swimming pool entry valid for the whole duration of the stay. To check rates and availability see pages “Prices and online booking” of this website.

Great fun at the Holiday Park Spiaggia e Mare with the brand new aqua park!